I’m back!

Well, I’ve always been around but the last time I posted here was 13 months ago if my calculations are right. Why didn’t I post, why didn’t I update my site!? No particular reason(s) except maybe I needed to step away from it, do something new. That something new is called Instagram. Yes I know, everyone’s on it, lol, but I wasn’t. Twitter has always been where my Social Media activities are. Now I have both, I love it and I’m now sharing my pictures here on this site.

So what’s happened in 2018. Did I race? I sure did but I’m not going to write a race report on all 8 events right now so instead, I’ve put it in pictures.

As my last event of 2018 was this Sunday, what was my best event? Has to be my first Ultra in Stillstyd, Wales for a tough hilly and hot 50k. Plenty of amazing memories have come from that amazing weekend!

So here’s 2018 in pictures. If you want to know anymore details, just let me know, ask away.

Big plans for 2019 which I will confirm in another post.

It’s good to be back!