Romsey 5Miler – race report

First race of 2016 back in late January …. and late race review !

Beautiful venue at The Broadlands Estate in Romsey, Hampshire with great organisation and very supportive and smiling marshals.

How did the race go? This was a race I was looking forward too. First one of the year, great venue and flat for possible PB. I raced with my mate Simon and we both decided to enjoy our run by doing it together …. yeah right! that didn’t last long.

At the start, we positioned ourselves near the front to get into a good pace right from the word go. We both started well, felt great, and ran in a 7:50 pace for the first 2Miles, had the event photograph taken but then running became racing ……


Me in number 241

As I kept my pace Simon felt a bit behind. At Mile 3 the path (shown in the picture above) became narrower as this is where the out and back part of the race was.

I caught up with two runners racing in front of me, but next to each over, therefore stopping me going past them. I soon realised they were running at my PB pace so I stayed right behind them and used them as Pacers. With less than a Mile to go and feeling great, although lungs started to burn, I decided it was time to go past them, push hard and get that PB. Before I knew it, the finishing line was in sight and I could hear families and friends shouting and encouragement. This is when my sprinting legs came to life, pushing hard while keeping good technique, burning my lungs even more and making my breathing sound like Darth Vader! COME ON …. all the way, my head kept telling me ! BOOM ! PB! 39:20

PB by almost a minute!  And I reached my sub40 goal! It hurt but I was so chuffed! Simon had a great race too finishing in 40:10


So, after a great race in a beautiful venue, it’s back to training before my next race, a 20Miler Trail race in the New Forest the 20th March, which will be my longest run/race to date. More to be confirmed soon.

Have fun peeps, keep training hard and most importantly, KEEP SMILING!



8 thoughts on “Romsey 5Miler – race report

  1. Thanks Tamsyn! It is a great local race. Beautiful settings, well organised and flat course! Do it next year 🙋

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  2. Shorter distances across the board. 5k-HM runs and sprint triathlons only. Enough to motivate me to train, but not enough to cause me too much stress…

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  3. Thanks! Was a great local race. No Triathlons this year as I decided to concentrate on my running, racing a few half Mara, a 20Miler trail and my first Mara 💪
    Will come back stronger for Tri next year.
    Good to change a bit!
    What about you?

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  4. Sounds like a great time! Congrats!

    Do you have your triathlon schedule mapped out for this season? Any 70.3’s or 140.6’s on the horizon?

    Have a great season!!

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