5 Miles road race report

First of all I would like to say this has to be my quickest race report as the Perform 5 Miles road race was this morning.


As mentioned last night in my previous post, this new event took place at Hampshire cricket ground, The Ageas Bowl  organized and run by Hedge End running club in Southampton.

I arrived at the ground by 8am, one hour before 9am race start, to give me plenty of time to register, have a look around, checking where the bag drop off is, where the start line is and of course take a couple of pictures (as always). OH! I nearly forgot, I also got myself in a very long queue to pick up my free event t-shirt. Who doesn’t like and collect them?! People who tell you they don’t are lying! All to do with taking part and showing off your completion of events to your friends and family. You know I’m right!



9am …… Off we go!                                                                                                                I positioned myself just behind the guys at the front, with 500 runners behind me, to give me more room and therefore go off at a quicker pace than I usually do. Before today’s race I told myself I would take it easy as I have felt tired the last few weeks and my body has been telling me a long break was overdue and much needed. But with the weather being superb this morning, and feeling ready to race, as it had been a while since my last one, I started off at a good pace of 5km/m

The race took us away from The Ageas Bowl and away from town into the countryside. The course was pretty much pancake flat except for the matter of a short sharp hill at the end! As I reached Mile 2, I was still in the same pace and feeling great, breathing steadily and in control and legs doing their required role without a fuss. I started to wonder how long this would last (due to body needing a rest) but carried on to test myself, but with precaution. At Mile 3, my legs were still OK but wanted to slow down a bit, which to my surprise my mind refused and carried on pushing on.

Mile 4! The last Mile of the race! COME ON! Nearly there! I nearly slowed right down then, but a women went past me and I decided to stay with her, use her as my last Mile Pacer all the way to the finish line. It was great, I stayed on her heels all the way. She looked round a couple of times, wondering if I would go pass her, but it was easier and better for me to use her pace to allow me to have a great finish. Just before arriving at the ground, there was a short hill that tried to punish us but we both attacked it with great pride, and ran to the finish line. We thanked each over for a great last Mile, which in my case was my fastest of the race. Picked up a banana, biscuits, a bottle of water and of course the medal!

I loved every minute of it, felt great at the end and had a good recovery session. Great race at a great venue, well organized and as usual the Marshalls were amazing, smiling and cheering us on all the way.

And I got a PB of just over 40mins! Not bad for a tired body.

I’ll definitely be there next year for another PB and recommend anyone to do the same.


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