Kalenji Kiprun LD review

I’ve had these running shoes from Decathlon for a month, I have run a few miles in them for testing and can now share my view on them so far, with a quick review.

We all have different needs in running shoes, whether they are for road or trail, including how nice they look! but mainly comfort, support, stability, durability and more.

Personally, for long distance road running, I need exactly what this shoe has, great cushioning and comfort. After fracturing my right leg 4 years ago, and taking 10 months to start running again, I since need the extra support and cushioning to help me enjoy my runs without any pain from the road impact. Of course, they are many shoes that works for me but I am glad to now own a pair of these and would recommend them to anyone, as they are suitable for all gait types. and the colours are not bad either!

For me, the best benefit from these running shoes is the new Kalenji K-ring cushioning. Read more information on this link Kalenji

So, if you are looking for a light running shoe with great support, cushioning, extra energy support (improved rebound) for long distance running and one that doesn’t break the bank, definitely consider trying these and if possible, go to your local Decathlon store to try them on. I will use these for my other 2016 races and look forward for the new model to be released.

For full details on these shoes, go to this link Kalenji Kiprun LD





3 thoughts on “Kalenji Kiprun LD review

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  2. Sorry about late reply Tamsyn!
    My other trainers are Asics. It’s a matter of trying them as you know and those long distance Kalenji ones are really responsive to shock absorbtion and have a great support around the ankle.
    Go to the store and try them on. Worth a try.

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  3. Thanks for the review – I’d not thought of trying Kalenji trainers. What were yor ‘go to’ shoes before you tried these ones? How do they compare?

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