New Forest 10 – race report

Quick race report from New Forest 10miler. A brilliant on and off road event with about 1000 runners.

9th of July was another very hot day and it was always going to be hard to run, let alone race. This is why I decided to take this race lightly, find a decent but comfortable pace. After a tough Hampshire Hoppit in the heat a few weeks before this race, there was no way I would push myself to suffer and be in need of a longer recovery.

After watching the 1mile kids race which was great to see the little ones going all out, it was time for us to line up at start line. As soon as we went, so many runners went past me, almost sprinting. It’s when I checked my watched I realised they were going at around 7:30 m/m. Some breathing heavily! I knew they wouldn’t last long, especially in that heat. You could tell some were new to this distance or were just crazy.

I found myself running at a confortable pace from the start, ignoring all those nutters around me. There were three drink stations within the 10miles, and 500meters or so before each of them, a sign said “drinks ahead”. So, I decided to change tactics slightly and push it from the sign to the drink station. As I didn’t want to be affected by the heat, I stopped at each station to rehydrate properly, losing only around 10scs each time, therefore losing 30secs which is nothing when not racing yourself.

I carried running that way all the way and sprinted the last 150meters or so passing a few runners. And guess what, those that went mad at the start!? Yep, I saw them suffering along the course and went past them with ease. But hey, we’ve all learned from experience!

So, a good day of running! Great recovery and a decent time nonetheless.