Great South Run – race report

What a great day!

The world’s largest 10Miles road running event, Great South Run in Portsmouth was on this weekend. After a 5 km race Saturday, Sunday was time for the main event, the 10Miler. With over 20.000 runners, this event is a must for all running enthusiasts.

Based in the South England city of Portsmouth, it’s a great place for this well organised event. Best of all, the weather was very kind to us this weekend. Pure sunshine!

Knowing how busy it would be on the roads and trying to park near event area, we (myself and my mate Simon) left Southampton early enough to arrive at Portsmouth Common for 8:15

After parking near the start line, we walked straight to the bag area, at the swimming complex, the Pyramids, to meet other UKrunchat running club team members which was great to meet them for the first time.

After a chat and race planning, we were all ready to go, wished each over good luck and got ourselves ready for race time!

Once bags were “left” (no actual bag drop area) in the room, Simon and I went outside to the race start, feeling the autumn wind right through my bones! I was definitely ready to get going and start running!

10:48am, and dead on time, our wave went off. Myself and Simon got separated early in the race as we both had different race targets. After a difficult first Mile zigzaging through the crowd of runners, trying to get into my required pace, I arrived at the Old Portsmouth docks. These docks are part of English naval history with the HMS Victory and Royal Navy boats which makes a great sight, drums were beating, crowds shouting support at all runners, not just family and friends. As we say, the place was rocking!

Between Mile 2 and 7 I finally got into a nice smooth and comfortable pace. I felt great, running technically well, controlling my breathing and keeping my HR low(ish) while keeping a good pace and enjoying the event.

Through the docks, around part of the town centre and back towards the sea front, I then went past runners the other side of the road who had 400 meters left to go! Thanks for that! Mile 7 to 8 had a head wind but it reminded me that the last 2 Miles would be tail winds.

Still feeling great, although legs slightly suffering I pushed on for the last 2 Miles. With tail winds and “Eye of the tiger” blaring out, I was actually looking forward to reach the finish line. As usual, in the last Mile, I had the psychological battle against stopping, although I felt great. This happens to me at every race. It’s very frustrating, probably happens to most people, and it’s most likely due to the fact the finish line is very near. Don’t worry, I didn’t stop, I sprinted to the end, reached my sub 1h30 target and got a PB of 1h28! And most importantly for me, in the middle of Marathon training plan, I recovered quickly. I was and am a very happy runner!


Goodie bag picked up, medal around my neck, reunited with Simon who finished on 1h33 (another PB), we picked up our bags in the Pyramids centre and went back to the car while getting some food and liquid back in! A bag of my favourite Topherd jerky and a Herbalife24 shake were very welcomed.

Although this is a brilliant event, I won’t be back next year as I have many more races I would like to complete. But I will definitely be back one day!


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  1. Well done. I did it a couple of years back and it was blowing a hooley. Not my most enjoyable event as the last two miles was into the teeth of the gale. Its well organised though but too busy and big for my liking. You did well to get a PB though 😀

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