Kalenji running Trail bag review

So how good is this running Trail bag? If you use it or have done, I think you will agree it’s a GREAT Trail bag. I love it and this is why:

big_66ef97caefdf4ceca11de0fe6ef574ba££££: This bag cost £24.99, yes that’s right, £24.99 …… good news so far? read on …..

This bag has great comfort as it sits at the top of your back, right between the shoulders, therefore stopping any extra unnecessary & annoying movements. The straps edges are soft enough to keep your skin away from getting soar and are made of mesh along the middle for better air flow.

There are two soft bottle holders integrated into the straps. These can be used to hold gels, food or small items of kit, but easily hold a 500ml sports bottle in each with easy access, and cord fastenings to secure them in the pouch on the move. Two chest straps are adjustable to easily secure the shoulder straps in place in the most comfortable way.

The bag itself has a 9 to 14 litres capacity including a 2 litre water bag.  There is a zip around of the edge which, when unzipped, opens a shock-cord lined gusset to increase the storage capacity to 14 litres. Two zipped side pockets which sits underneath your armpits, making it the only minor point for me on this Product, as believe me, it’s very hard to open and close when on. This is something that needs to be looked at by Kalenji for the next Trail bag. The water bag is great as it has an easy and safe opening to fill it up with water. I use the word “safe” as when filling up my last bag, which had a different opening system, it was hard not to spill water! It’s also very easy to use the drinking tube when running as it’s very well strapped in.

There is also a very useful large pocket on the back of the bag to put in food, extra drinks or/and any extra clothing needed. Most importantly for us tech people! there is a small pocket inside the bag for any size mobile phones. As you can see on the left picture below, it has a few elastic strings to secure anything from walking poles to gels, and the pack itself has a number of reflective flashes on the fabric making it more visible in the dark. A safety whistle is also attached to a cord inside a pocket outside one of the bottle holders.

If you are looking for an affordable Trail running bag which does “what it says on the tin”, this bag is for you. For me, it does more than just “what it says on the tin”, it does what I need it to do and I love it. I use it on all long runs from 10 Miles and up as hydration is very important to me and should for all of us. I have tried the bottles on a belt for short(ish) runs but I do prefer the bag as it doesn’t move while running, while I know runners who will use bottles on belts for run up to maybe 20Miles and use bags for longer runs, especially for Ultra races. Everyone has different opinions and reasons for what they use and that’s why it’s great we runners review and share.

To check the product, go to Decathlon Men’s Trail bag

Take care and keep running !


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