S.A.C. 10k – race report

After a nice short run Saturday to keep those legs going and get rid of pre-racing nerves, it was time to hit Southampton Athletics Club 10k on Sunday morning. Based in Royal Victoria Country park this race was a 3 lap road race.

Arriving at the venue early, I had plenty of time to pick up my race number, make myself familiar with the surroundings, the course and the finishing line, have a warm up and say Hi to my boss and brilliant runner Henry.

9am – Hooter went off. I started towards the front of the group. I always think it’s easier to run with runners going past you rather than zigzagging past people at the beginning of a race. After the first km, I had a problem, I realised I might have gone off to fast. HOLD ON!!!! I did go off too fast. I ran the First km at 6.20 m/m! What the heck was I doing?! It felt great that’s why! Oh, but wait! I paid for it! I’m laughing now writing about it but I didn’t then! Haha! Straight after the first km which ended at the top of an incline, I realised what I had just done. So now, it was a case of slowing right down, find a decent pace and keep that pace before a fast last km.

After a decent 6km and feeling strong and relaxed, I hit the “Gone off to fast wall”. Legs gave up. I literally couldn’t push to finish strong at all. The last 4 km were tough, the inclines beat me, the heat beat me, the race beat me. Coming around to the finish line, I managed to push for a short Sprint finish. Has to be done, right?

Past the finish line, I picked up some water and my medal….. Wait, where do I pick up my medal. Oh! No medal. An event towel instead. Useful I suppose.

Met up with Henry for a catch up and a compulsory post race selfie. Henry did brilliantly getting a PB. For me, I learnt a lot about my running and my abilities from this race, including not to start off too fast of course.

Great race in beautiful surroundings. Although it is a multiple lap event, I’ll definitely come back and I recommend it to anyone, running at all different levels.

Although disappointed with my result, it was still a great morning. I love running, it keeps me going, it keeps me healthy and it keeps me happy. We live in a cruel world, as shown in Manchester Monday evening. We must keep going, we must carry on enjoying what we do enjoy. Running is my passion and poor race results will not stop me. Keep smiling people!

Thanks to Nurishment Active for their support. Proud to be part of their team for 2017.


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