My very first Triathlon

So here it came, my first ever triathlon, in Winchester UK, May 2012. Short distance of 200m swim, 14km on the bike and 2.5km run.

This event was great for a first timer, but this May bank holiday was wet and cold. And a swim, cycle and run at 8am was new to me, and making me feel a bit insane! I signed up for this event with a few friends, Claire, Sean, Nosa, Chris, Nicky, Moncs and Andy, which helped me train even harder for it, not wanting to be beaten by any of them.

At the beginning of the year, I bought my first road bike, the fast & furious Carerra London2012 GB Team, limited edition, if you please! Still using this mean machine now and still loving it. Training was great, exciting but also hard at times when running in cold wet early mornings was not great fun.

Race day morning – Before leaving the house, I double and triple checked that I had everything I needed from my checklist I had put together weeks before this exciting day:

  • Bike
  • Bike helmet
  • Running trainers
  • Triathlon shorts
  • Running/cycling top
  • Sunglasses (just in case)
  • Race number belt
  • Swimming goggles
  • Drink bottles
  • Energy cereal bar
  • Energy gel
  • Towel (to dry feet at transition)
  • Change of clothes
  • And a good working pair of legs !

Arriving at Winchester Kings school at the most ridiculous time for a bank holiday morning, I was ready to compete. The excitement of finally starting a triathlon made my competitiveness and will to win reach new hights! Just like Stallone did in Rocky! COME ON !!!!!

On the event Marshall’s whistle, off I went, swimming 200 meters. Coming out of the water,I started to feel the wet and cold from the outside (the swim being in the pool), first transition completed without any incidents, then off I went on the bike leg hitting the Winchester hills hard, feeling great and really enjoying my first triathlon. Now, arriving in T2 I was finally given the reality check of pain! bike down, trainers on, I started running the last leg of this Tri with legs so heavy, I thought I was carrying a 30kg weight on my back! This 2.5km felt more like 42.2km but I battled through, pushing hard to the finish line to collect my medal and soon realizing I ended up 4th overall.

Great day, great result, the triathlon buzz has started.