Swim Serpentine 2017

Saturday was time for Swim Serpentine Hyde Park London.

Not sure why, but I was going to attend this event to support friends without taking part, which would have been hard not to. A few weeks before the event I was offered a place I couldn’t refuse. So here I was, in Hyde park Saturday morning, ready to swim the 1 mile event.

Being in the 9:40 wave, the journey to London started at 5am. It was always going to be a long day but one I was looking forward to. Many peeps from the UKRunChat community were there including Race-check #visorclub members.

Lil, who was in the same wave as me asked me if I would swim with her. She has been petrified of OW swimming and entered this event as a challenge. As I was going to swim without racing or any target, I was more than happy to help and support Lil all the way to the finish line. I have done many events for myself but sometimes we all need to give back and this was the perfect opportunity.

Just before the wave start, we had the chance to “test” the water with a quick dip, which was great as there is nothing worse than getting a shock from the cold water as you’re going off for your mile swim. The water temperature had been around 14 and 15 degrees Celsius! Yep. That’s cold!

So off we went, in the first wave of the day, with 300 other swimmers for a full lap of Hyde Park Serpentine.

I could talk about the swim all day but in summary, we had a blast. Lil did amazingly well to finish after wanting to quit a couple of times. At one point, she even swam towards the edge when swimming on her back but I only think it’s because the lake café was in that direction. Glad I was there to redirect her!

The main thing was to keep going, although the next boy never seem to get closer, and to keep stretching the leg above water when we both had cramps. That’s right, Lil had 2 cramps and after I laughed it off, it was my turn to get one. Karma maybe! Water temperature was definitely to blame.

We finished in just over 1hour and it was then time to hit the hot tub. What a great idea to have those after spending a long time in cold water. Everyone sat in there like they had never touched or been in hot water before, which was funny but understandable. If only all events had them.

After the hot tub, it was time for the official medal picture just before getting dry and changed in heated marquees. Another great idea.

It was then time to recover, eat some food, drink some coke to get rid of whatever germs they are in that lake!! then chill with the rest of the Racecheck #visorclub gang.


Great day all round! Event wise, I would recommend it to anyone, even for novice OW swimmers. It’s really well organised, supported, and you’ll want to go back. I’m hopefully going back next year but it depends on dates as I will be competing at IM70.3 in Weymouth which was the same day this year.

Just keep swimming….