One crazy journey



Husband, father of three living in southern England UK and working 9 to 5, I’m an amateur athlete who like many of you need to find the balance between day to day life, family time and training.  As you probably can tell, I am training and competing towards my goal of competing in the Ironman.

I love the excitement and pre-race nerves. Triathlon being the fastest growing sport in the world, it’s supporting sporting community is great for motivation, determination and to share tips and events stories.

I want people to realise nothing is impossible. In France we have a saying, “impossible n’est pas francais”. Meaning impossible is not a French word. If you want to realise a dream, go for it, only yourself will stop you achieve it, no one else.

I believe in health and fitness and want to share my knowledge, my support and my determination to everyone looking to reach their dream(s).

“Train HARD, ENJOY it & keep SMILING”



3 thoughts on “One crazy journey

  1. Hi Guillaume, Thank you for reading and I see you are following my blog. My trundling along on my bicycle is world away from yours in one way but also maybe not so much as there is passion involved. I am not competitive but I do think triathlons are incredible because they encompass two things I love (cycling and swimming) oh but let me walk instead of running.:)
    Best of luck with training. I’m sure your family must be so proud of you 🙂 Stephanie.

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