Marathon training update

Only a few weeks to go until Southampton Marathon,  the 23rd April, which will be my second Marathon, after my first one four months ago.

So how’s the training currently going?

Once again, sickness has hit me and I lost six weeks of training. When I say six weeks, I didn’t run for two after being ill but the following weeks were all about getting back on it. We’re now seven weeks since then and I’ve finally enjoyed and felt strong in a run last week! Hallelujah! Or should I say, at bloody last! The struggle has been long but last Sunday’s run was great. What made it a successful run was my decision to come off road and go Trail instead. I think road Marathon training can get boring after a while, even by changing the training plan from the usual. I needed and still do need something else at the moment. Something to bring back my running Mojo to 120% and I found it on the Trail. 14.5 Miles of wet, deep mud terrain in 2h40m. of torrential rain and strong wind! And I loved it!


I wanted to go long(ish) but without a particular target, went out, enjoyed it, and was very pleased with the distance. It made me feel positive again, towards Southampton Marathon on 23rd April. My target of Sub 4 is now something of the past but that’s ok as I know I will achieve it another time as I have many Marathons in me yet.


I’ve decided to run less but more efficiently, replace some run sessions with Core, Strength workouts and stretch, and stretch and do more stretching! I believe this way, I will come back to my best stress free.

I ran 15 miles yesterday which was great although tough at the end due to slight dehydration. I had water with me but believe it or not it was hot running out there yesterday on the south coast. But very pleased with the mileage.


So I’m going to continue to enjoy the running and not put any pressure on my times/targets and  let’s see where it takes me on race day!

Slowly but surely back……

PS: A big thank you to @Herbalife24 and @NurishmentActiv for their amazing support