Happy running!

How I have missed running since my DNF at Southampton Marathon two weeks ago! In fact, not just running but any kind of training. I even had a failed attempt at some Core workouts! Rest was what I needed after sickness and there was nothing I could do about it.

This weekend just gone, Saturday morning, cold over, sun out on a beautiful warm day, feeling full of energy and ready to go I went for a run! Yes, a run! You all probably understand how hard it is not to run for a long time (two weeks is a long time!). I took it easy but had a blast, went out for an hour, running around 4 miles and did a stretching session while trying to get a tan, as you do!


Sunday afternoon, still feeling great and upbeat from Saturday’s run, I went for another four mile run. This was done at an easy, recovery pace.

Different day, different visor! Got to love a visor.


I did a quick Twitter survey this week asking #ukrunchat what protection people use while running. See below the choices for answers and the results.


I find it astonishing that out of 325 runners, 50% confirmed they do not cover their head on a hot day. We all know the facts and dangers of running in the sun and yet, many do nothing to protect themselves. Very interesting indeed.

So here I am, finally a happy runner again! The long recovery was needed and I’m glad I listened to my body. Now, it’s all about getting back to full fitness for the next race, S. A. C. 10k the 21st May.

Happy running peeps! Train HARD and keep SMILING!