The General 10k Trail – race report

A late race report but one nonetheless. I entered this race as a last minute distraction to my Marathon training. Situated just outside Winchester, this event is based in farm land owned by the organisers of music festival Boomtown! Perfect for trail running, the day (1st April 2017) had a 10k and a 20k race.

After parking the car in the middle of nowhere, the walk to the start line and race HQ was a good warm up, with a couple of very steep hills. This event is a small local race with around 200 people in each race, very well organised, with friendly, helpful and supportive marshals. I mean, check the race start and finish below! That’s what you call a local race! Got to love it!

I felt great that morning so I decided to start at the front for a change. This was not for a chance to win of course, although maybe one day, but to get into my rhythm quickly. It was also the best position to attack the first downhill (left picture below). We had to run up it on way back, just before the finish line!


Man, that course was hilly! And very undulating too, up and down pretty much all the time. Hard work but great fun!

After about 2 or 3 km, we reached the Bowl where the music festival is held and it is huge! We ran around it at the top, it felt like it never ended but it was worth the views.


At the back of the bowl, we reach and turned into an uphill into the woods. Now that was more fun as they made the course in a zigzag path and the ground had everything from tree roots, leaves, slippery mud, stones, etc. Anything you find in an area surrounded by trees I suppose! Just take my word for it.

Out we came onto a tractor path, reaching what looked like the highest viewing point in the area and as the weather gods were kind to us that day, the views were spectacular. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture then. At the end of the day, I was in a race here, not in a geography school trip! So again, just take my word for it.


We then ran back into those woods for a steep(ish) downhill! Now that was fun! I was wondering whether to take it easy as it was very slippery but, oh no! I decided the opposite, put the gas on boy! accelerate, have fun and pass a small group of runners while you’re at it. Get in! I started feeling competitive then!

This is when I thought, by looking at my watch, we were near the finish line. Hell no! Before going up that steep first hill, we had to run around the Bowl again, this time at the bottom, which in itself must be about 1 mile. Urrrgggh! I was ready for the sprint finish but it I had to wait a bit longer, and therefore run a bit longer.  I digged deep around it, up the hill, legs burning, lungs spitting but still managed an uphill sprint finish, making sure the two people just behind me stayed there. BOOM! Job done!

Hilly 10k Trail – 58:18 – 41st out of 162!

Very pleased with the result! Great event, well organised and in beautiful surroundings. This is the perfect race for runners who are not keen on big crowds and a hilly 10k is a perfect introduction to Trail running. LOVE the medal!

I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks to Nurishment Active for the support.