Marathon training distraction

The last few weeks of training for Southampton Marathon have been great. As mentioned in my last post, I have been running less miles and doing more Strength, Core workouts and Sprints training, as a distraction from the boredom of Marathon training that got to me. Maybe training and running my first Marathon only 4 months ago at Christmas took it out of me a bit.

I really enjoyed Sprint training at the Track and this week I did one of my two Strength & Core sessions at my local Common. Spring is here, getting warmer and therefore meaning more outdoor training and more 6am pre-work runs.

A couple more long runs are due before the Marathon on the 23rd April but before that, I’m really excited for my first race of 2017, tomorrow!  The General 10k Trail race outside Winchester. Weather looking perfect for running, a few hills, only about 200 runner, a medal and a big smily face at the end! I cannot wait!!!