Sprint Intervals training

It’s been a while since I’ve done some track Sprint Intervals as I’ve been in Marathon training mode for the last 6 months now. As confirmed in my last post Marathon training update, I need to play around with my training plan, run less but still workout.

Last night was the perfect day for a workout I haven’t done for a while. Sprint Intervals at the track. Today was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures of around 15! That’s when I decided to leave work early, get home quickly, get change and get to the track, which is 5mins from where we live, and have a great session.

Look! Time for the Oakleys to get out!

As you can see, I had the track to myself, the sun was out, the wind was somewhere else and I was ready to go.

So I went straight to it. I decided not to do too much as it was my first track Sprint Intervals for a long while and I didn’t have much time either (this is a great excuse!), but I will increase it next time, although I’m not going to lie, it did hurt today! This is what I did:

Perfect Sprint Interval session for anyone to try. Then, on next session, increase the distance by 50 meters or increase the reps. Keeping the same fast speed (85% of Max HR) during each 200m is tough but that’s when the 100m recovery jog is so important to be taken seriously, by slowing right down and get the HR down too, ready to hit the next 200m hard.

I’ll hopefully be back here next week but in the meantime below is a Gif I put together at the track during my cooldown workout. LoL