7 days challenge

Why this 7 days challenge?

I don’t want to moan trying not to about it but having Bronchitis is stopping me from running in this current cold weather. To be on the safe side and listening to my body, and my cough! I have decided not to run for the next 7 to 10 days!

That has put a stop to my Marathon training and today’s LSR looked like this:

Cool hey!? Look, it happens to all of us and I’m not one to stop everything and hide away from any kind of exercise. Therefore I have decided to have a “mini” challenge for the next 7 days starting tomorrow. I can’t run but I can workout, so Core and Strength sessions coming up! Some of you might think that’s not a challenge but for someone who most of the time finds it hard to motivate himself for strength workouts, it will be a challenge. A “mini” challenge as it’s mainly a motivational one.

The workouts will vary through the week but will most definitely include some of these:

It’s worth mentioning that whatever has happened to us runners, whether it is injuries or illnesses, don’t give up, don’t feel low. Like me this week, if possible, do something else, keep the body going, keep the body in shape, keep the lungs working out, keep the muscles working out. Cross training is great! But at the same time, it’s very important to be careful, to listen to your body and to not over do it! Before you know it, you’ll be back out there, trainers on, feeling like an Olympian again! I know I will be!

So here’s to the next 7 days!

Have a great week and look after yourselves!