Marathon race day -1

This is it!

Race day for my first Marathon is just around the corner, tomorrow! I’ve been looking forward to this race for a while now….. actually, a long time. Those months of training which included training sessions missed by sickness, tough sessions when you don’t feel like it but know you have to, you need to! Many people have been surprised it’s my first Marathon. Is it because I’m on my way towards an Ironman and I’ve completed two 70.3 half Ironman? Maybe. It has been coming for a while and it’s definitely time for me to run a marathon but like I keep saying, there is no point in rushing, got to train well and finally enjoy the race.

My aim for tomorrow as my first Marathon is to enjoy the race, enjoy the day. Aiming to run at 10m/m but I’ll see how it goes as half of the route is off road, although it’s a flat course which is a bonus!

I’m also looking forward to meet up with some @UKrunchat runners, including Darren, Stephen and Lee. Another runner not running tomorrow, Alix is also coming along to cheer us on for the final Mile!

Am I ready for it? Most definitely. I know and I am waiting for the pain to arrive later on in the race but most importantly, I’m ready mentally and therefore not worried about the distance and I cannot wait to be at the start line 9am sharp!

So let’s have it! Bring it on! And good luck to everyone running this great event!

See you on the other side!


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  1. Sorry about late reply. Was the Portsmouth Coastal, southern England.
    Had a great day, great run for first Mara. Not great time but enjoyed it which is the main thing. Body and legs feeling ok now too and ready to run again!

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