Lost your running Mojo?

It’s fair to say, at some point in our running life, we all loose our running Mojo. It’s not a surprise we do when we have to juggle training with work, family life and the rest. I believe we also loose it if training is consistently the same. Like any sports, a training plan needs to vary with different sessions, workouts. One major factor is to make sure we enjoy it which will then help us want more and therefore improve our performances and reach our targets.

I often read tweets and messages from runners finding it hard to run, because they are tired, it’s been a long day at the office or cannot find the time, for example.

It can be really hard at times but I always use my Motto below to help me through it. Why don’t you try it?!




Come on, put your trainers on, GET OUT THERE ! and have a great run !


4 thoughts on “Lost your running Mojo?

  1. Back when I was able to run, I had a simple motto: “try 10 minutes, if you still hate – then you can turn around”… usually after 10 minutes all was fine and worst case scenario was that I got 20 minutes in. 🙂 Happy Training!


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