Great South Run

Three days to go until the next race! The great Great South Run!

This is a race I’ve been looking forward to since I registered back in April. This race is the world’s leading 10Miles event, with 20000+ runners. I’m still not sure how to approach it as it’s in the middle and part of my Marathon training plan. The question is, do I run at a good Marathon pace or do I go for it and have a go at sub 1:30. The problem is I have an Intervals training session on Tuesday, 2 days after the race. I’ll see how i feel Sunday morning but my bet is I’ll go for it.

Now in Marathon training week 4, I feel great! Training is going to plan, I feel fitter than ever before, my HR (Heart Rate) is starting to get lower during sessions and workouts and I mentally feel strong. The Marathon not until 18th December the aim is to keep focused and follow the Plan religiously, regardless of weather conditions.

I’m also looking forward to meet peeps from @UKrunchat at the pre-race Tweet-up and hopefully have a celebratory drink after.


So here I am, again, excited about racing like a little kid at Christmas (surely that’s what running is about!? and you all feel the same?), counting the days and soon to be hours! But it’s great! This is what running does to me, it simply makes me happy!


Post race report to follow!


3 thoughts on “Great South Run

  1. Next up should be the Lock up the Year half marathon along our nearby canal towpath, if it’s ready in time – apparently there’s some work ongoing as we speak. Great day out; the morning of the last day of the year, hence the title.

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  2. Thanks mate! It has to be done hasn’t it. 🙂 Weather looking great too. Should be a good day.
    What about you? when is your next race?


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