New Forest run

With 2 weeks to go until my next event, New Forest Half Marathon, I thought to be a good idea to go for last Sunday’s long run in the New Forest.

I’ve got to say, we’re very lucky to live just outside the New Forest, and with a 10 mins drive, I arrived at Deer Leap at 8am. With the car park already busy with very excited dogs of all sizes and their owners, I got myself ready with excitement (as always) …..

  • Changed from flip-flops to Salomon Speed Cross 3 Trail (slightly extreme change over!)
  • Right calf sleeve on (soar leg)
  • Decathlon Trail bag, with 1 litre of water in
  • Electrolyte bottle on Trail bag
  • Cereal bar packed
  • Visor on
  • Watch (charged of course) at the ready
  • Mobile phone packed
  • And of course, car keys!

Off I went !

IMG_20160828_094647_kindlephoto-7113215I was so glad to be there early. Once I got passed the dog brigades I didn’t see anyone for about 3 Miles, and only saw a handful of people during the run. It was such a peaceful run, me, horses, cows, deer. Yes I saw some deer including the infamous white/albino one running away from me from open space into woods.

What I find, and most runners will agree, running off road is so much better for your body. It might sound obvious as the ground is softer and you’re not pounding the roads. But I also like the fact we use our muscles differently off road, due to the terrain, stones, rocks, sand, mud rabbit holes, grass, streams, and the list goes on! Constantly watching where to put my feet down. One more good reason to wear Trail running shoes. Happy days!

Running in the New Forest is a very good workout for all leg muscles! When you look at the New Forest, or drive through it, it looks flat. Well, sorry to disappoint but it isn’t! I have cycled, walked and run through it, and it is very much undulating. Constantly up and down like a yoyo! Therefore a great leg/hill workout.

The great thing about Trail running is that I don’t feel the need to go fast like on the roads, I don’t feel the need to check my TomTom for Pace, HR or even distance. I know where I start and where I finish. The rest is a mystery! I let my legs do the work and enjoy the moment.

Talking about enjoying the moment, I just had to take a selfie with this little pony, who didn’t look too amused!

And on my way back I was lucky to see a group of horses galloping through the forest past me, which I managed to film!

So, a great 9 Miles done in an amazing National Park two weeks before the N.F. half. My fitness level is now back where it should be!

Am I ready for the 11th September? Hell yeah I am! Bring it on!