Fitness update

A little update on my fitness plan which I started 3 weeks ago.

These are the workouts and training sessions planned, as mentioned in my post “Back to Fitness” Programme :

  • Monday: 3Miles run + Strength workout
  • Tuesday: Sprints
  • Wednesday: Strength/Circuit workout
  • Thursday: Tempo run
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: Strength workout
  • Sunday: Long run

It can be hard to start a training plan but I really look forward to the challenge and the training consistency it gives me, supporting and helping me reach my goals. But of course, to achieve, you need to make sure you follow the plan. Have I done so the last three weeks? I’m happy to say I have, although I’ve had to swap days or complete the sessions at different times than planned, which I blame Rio2016 !

Most enjoyable sessions have to be Strength workouts which is not something I thought I would say. Those workouts mixed with watching my diet makes me feel better about myself and makes me feel healthier (not surprisingly I know!).

Most “feel good factor” sessions are SLRs (Slow Long Runs). When I decided it was time for this Back to Fitness Programme, I was struggling running long distances mentally, which the weather didn’t help either (not complaining about the weather!). Now, My Mojo for long runs is back and I cannot wait for Sundays to arrive for my long runs. Next one due is 12Miles

Least favourite sessions: Intervals ! No further comment …

All in all, I’m very happy the way this Programme is going, feeling great, faster, definitely fitter and very much looking forward to my next race, New Forest Half Marathon, the 11th September.

To be continued …..


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