Are you ready for Rio2016 ?

The Games of the XXXI Olympiad are upon us …..

The last few weeks have been all about whether Brazil and Rio De Janeiro are ready to host the Olympic Games. Buildings not finished, facilities not at standard levels and the big health (water conditions) and safety (Terrorism) worries. There has also been talks of the Millions spent on hosting the Games could have been spent on poverty in Brazil.

All points mentioned above are true in their own way but this is the Olympic Games!

I’m not going to go on about the pros and cons of hosting the greatest sports festival on earth but I do want everyone to put the cons to one side for a few weeks and enjoy the greatest show on earth! We had the same worries with Athens 2004, the games were a success and we all know Rio2016 will be very successful. They were great host for the World Cup 2014 (Football/Soccer) and they will be again.

In the last few days, as athletes have arrived in Rio and the Olympic Athlete village, I have been checking Tweets from all different athletes, from various countries, and they all love it! Everyone is understandably excited to be there and the facilities look great (pictures posted). Dreams have come true for all those participants. Check them out! ….. #Rio2016


The Olympic Games are a time when I could easily hibernate for 3 weeks and just watch as many events as I can!

But will it affect my training this year? as I’m currently on a “Back to Fitness” training programme. Of course not! I will just need to adjust and train at different times certain days. The games will hopefully, and I’m sure will, push me to train harder!

So, like I said, I don’t want us to forget the cons of the Rio2016 Games but we need to put them to one side for now……

!!! let the Games begin !!!



2 thoughts on “Are you ready for Rio2016 ?

  1. haha! I’ve been watching most of it. Spending my evenings swapping channels! Great event schedule on BBC site.
    And yes it’s affecting training a bit as I’m more tired. But for good reason.

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  2. I’ve been loving the games so far… but they are having an impact on my sleep and training as it’s so hard to go to bed when there are exciting events taking place!

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