“Back to Fitness” Programme

As I’ve mentioned recently on Twitter, my fitness levels have gone right down after lacking training the last month or so. I say lacking, but we all need a break from those hard training sessions from time to time. My running mileage for the last month was around 20Miles and I completed 4 Strength sessions, one a week. It was actually nice and beneficial to reduce all training times and mileage during a month of July when I have walked my sister down the aisle and I’ve had time off work as it’s kids summer holidays.

The plan is to get back to full fitness and more before my next event, New Forest Half Marathon, the 11th September.


This is what my “Back to Fitness” Programme includes:

  • Monday: 3Miles run + Strength workout
  • Tuesday: Sprints
  • Wednesday: Strength/Circuit workout
  • Thursday: Tempo run
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: Strength workout
  • Sunday: Long run


I have started this Training Programme this week, and so far so good. I do believe it will work and It’s going to take me back to where I belong, but as any Training Programme, I will amend it if and when needed.

Like I said, rest is needed every so often, so don’t push yourself too hard, take more rest from training if you think you need to. It will help prevent risk of injuries and might get you to think and focus on different targets.
As the saying goes, “Listen to your body”.

So tomorrow is rest day which is great as it’s my wife 40th birthday! Programme well written I would say!


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