Long distance improvements

2016 is a running year for me, taking a break from Triathlon to improve on my running and not break the bank (Triathlons are not cheap!). Back to Triathlons in 2017 with a 70.3 in mind. By doing so, I have really enjoyed concentrating on just one sport, rather than put together a training program for swimming, cycling and running (Right order?). Gear and time wise, running is easy too, right? Clothes on, trainers on, then off you go. No need to get the bike ready (sorry, will take too long to go through the details) or drive to the pool/lake either.

Winter training as been great with some low moments as expected but spring is around the corner! Soon, I hope, will be time to put the winter gear away for a few months. Wanting to make 2016 a running year, I obviously had to thing about racing a few events. These are my races so far:

January – Romsey 5Miler

March – New Forest running festival – 20 Miles (36km) Trail race

April – Southampton 10k

June – The Hampshire Trail Hoppit Half Marathon

September – New Forest Half Marathon

October – Great South Run

November – Gosport Half Marathon

December – Portsmouth Coastal Marathon

Not bad so far but my aim is to compete in 12+ races for the year and ending it completing my first marathon will be something to be proud of.

After entering the 20 Miler coming up the 20th March, I had the excitement of buying Trail running shoes (Salomon Speed Cross 3) and used them for the first time 2 weeks ago on a 13 Miles Trail run along the coast between Lymington and Hurst Castle. I ran it with a mate and it was probably the best and most enjoyable run I have done. Trail running is currently winning points against road running. We ran against a strong sea wind for 7 Miles to Hurst Castle with the last 2 Miles on shingles then back to Lymington (wind behind us).I know, it sounds awful but it was great and I recommend it to anyone in the area. Hopefully the pictures show how amazing the area is ….



Sunday just gone, it was time for another long run but I didn’t feel like running at all! But it had to be done, determination took over and 15 planned Miles later I felt great. I was and I am very pleased as it is the longest I have run that comfortably, kept a very controlling average pace of 9:40m/m and had a great recovery.

My long distance running is definitely improving. Bring on the 20 Miler Trail race!!!!


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  2. Hi mate. Not too sure as I never trained enough at swimming and on the bike but I’m sure it did and does help.

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  3. Awesome indeed! I cannot wait to wear them in my 20Miler in 2 weeks! Just like slippers 😂


  4. Yesssss!! The Salomon Speedcross trail shoes are the best!! I use the “normal” ones for field hockey on turf and I have another pair that are made partly of gortex, that I use in the winter…my feet have never been so warm and they give great traction!!

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  5. haha! Brilliant! thanks for noticing! Have a great season too bud.
    20Miler (36km) Trail race in 3 weeks !


  6. 140.3?!?!?!?


    It’s 140.6…that last 0.3 is the most important bit (finishers chute, finish like, “you are an Ironman”, blah, blah, blah…)


    Of course, you have the metric system, so 140.6 likely don’t mean too much. Is it 224 km? (Being Canadian, I should know this…)

    Have a great season!

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  7. Thank you! I’m loving and getting stronger at running which is great. No rush for the 140.3!


  8. Cheers Tarsh! It’s nice to concentrate on different goals while still improving. I’m in no rush for the 140.6 and will enter one when I’m 110% ready ! 💪
    I hope all is well with you

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  9. Good for you. I have a friend doing exactly the same thing. His passion has always been running and he has gone back to it. You sound like you have rekindled your running mojo. Good luck in all your races

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  10. Nice work mate. Keep it up! This is my last year of Ironmans for a couple of years too. I want to focus on getting cut up, strong and improve my running too. 🙂 Enjoy

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