Thank You

Coming to the end of another year, I think it’s time to remember one reason why races and events are so great, why we want to go back the following year, and why we all go home with a smile on our face!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you race volunteers!


Without them, some races wouldn’t even be able to run…. without them, we would loose time by picking up our drink and food at feed stations…. without them, we probably would give up in some races, not receiving their incredible encouragement and support along the course…. and without them, who would put our medal around our neck! Whether it’s a local or a large organisation race, volunteers are equally important. My favorite and best experience was at the Staffordshire ironman70.3 in June this year. The support was just superb! No other way to describe it apart from photos below……



So, to all volunteers around the world, I SALUTE YOU!


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