Challenge update part I

How is my challenge going? Today was day 6 of my December run streak and this is how it has been so far…..

Day 1: 2 Miles done at a relaxed 8:30 m/m pace but too soon after dinner! Went out at 9pm, came back, shower and bed.

Day 2: 2 Miles done again at 8:30 pace. Again, really enjoyed it. Learned lesson from day one so went out at 9:45pm. Was odd as it was so late, no one was out, didn’t see many cars and I just wanted to get round quick and go home.

Then was the time to organize myself better and look at timings of my runs. Late evening runs daily for a month wouldn’t be beneficial and I’m not sure the mind and body would cope with it. On my way home from work, I catch the train, for a short journey, then walk 2.5 Miles home. So why not running home from the train station!? Easy right? Ive done it many times but doing it everyday will be a challenge in itself, taking gear to work, getting changed at work, then run home with a full rucksack on my back. Not easy enough if it has been a long tirying day at work. But my determination and love to run takes over and I will get home earlier. Bonus! So.……

Day 3: Windy and wet 2.5 Miles from train station to home with full rucksack (don’t worry! With clothes and shoes from the day, not rocks!). Good run at same 8:30 pace, again! How consistent! I got home in time for a shower before dinner, then was able to enjoy my evening and not worry about getting out late! Result!

Day 4: See day 3! Same distance, same weather, same pace!

Day 5: Saturday. This run was a bit annoying as after a long week at work, Christmas shopping early afternoon (as I had a lie in!) And the weather being horrendous, running was the last thing in mind! But after reading on twitter some of my friends finished a 32 Miles trail race, I was out running like lightning. Well done @emmah1506 and Co. They gave me a kick in the backside and I ran 2 Miles at again 8:30 pace! Is my TomTom watch stuck at that pace? Is it broken? Nop! I’m happy to say my consistency continues.

Day 6: Sunday, 9am start. Dry, warm but still really windy out there. Ready to go out although my head was saying no, don’t do it! Anyhow, I went out, started at a nice slow pace, felt good but still, the mind wasn’t there. After running at an average pace of 10m/m for 6 Miles, it was time to push, time to get home! I was actually surprised how I was feeling since I’ve been running everyday this week. Legs were strong, not feeling the miles and tarmac, and I finished the last 2 Miles at around 9:00m/m. I finished the 10 Miles in 1h39 but most importantly felt great (even Louise said I still looked fresh when I arrived home), felt strong, felt happy and ready to start another week and day 7 with another run.



9 thoughts on “Challenge update part I

  1. Cheers mate. Ironman not for a while. I want to do it in a good time and enjoying 70.3 races at the moment and also improving my running. Thanks for your comment though! 👍
    Where is your ironman next year?


  2. Great stuff. When’s the Iron Man? The only way I could get my head around actually doing one was to go ahead and book one. It’s not until August of next year, but we’ve even booked the hotel. Nothing like making a commitment. Plus, you can then really start putting together a training schedule that makes sense. Looking forward to seeing the big day appear on your Future Events page!


  3. that is awesome keep it up. a few of my friends have done 1 mile or greater a day since Janaury first… it is kind of sweet for them. if I had a treadmill I would do it too for when it is too icey outside


  4. Fantastic G! Keep up the hard work and thanks for the mention! Glad we all inspired you to get out! ☺️👍🏻🏃


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