Late evening run anyone?

After my last post on winter training, running in the dark cold evenings or mornings, having the right gear and being full of determination, I had a taster of it last night.

After a nice relaxing evening, I decided it was time to go out for a run. This was at 9:30pm, when it’s now pitch black outside and starting to get cold. My wife thought I was being silly! I went up to get changed and having felt how chilly it was outside, I decided to wear my running tights/trousers/leggins, whatever is the more comfortable word to use for a man, which personally I call “winter gear” 😉. But still worn a short sleeve top, to avoid the sweat machine working at full speed! as it wasn’t cold enough outside.

wpid-wp-1443567554465.jpegoff I went with my “winter gear” on, short sleeve top, Tom Tom watch at the ready, after finally finding a GPS signal, and of course my favorite trainers ever, the Asics Gel-Noosa Tri


I decided to go for a short fast run as firstly it was late and yesterday was a long day, meaning my bed was calling! I started at a fast pace (for me) of 7:20M/M which I kept for a Mile and then came back at a slower 8M/M pace for another Mile. So you see, it was a short sharp run but it felt great to get a taster of winter training. When I got home and had a drink of water, I did the following Core workout. This is something I have started completing after each run, short and long, to get stronger for those long swims, bike rides and runs. And believe it or not it works and I’m starting to feel the difference now. Try it yourself!


Have a good day everyone and keep smiling!