Ready for winter training?

Whether we like it or not, winter is around the corner and believe it or not, I have been thinking about winter training. Although the weather is really warm, during the day that is, and we would like it to stay this way, I’m afraid to tell you it will not last.

It will soon be time to use winter running and cycling gear, which I’m not going through the list as I’m sure you’ve all got some in your wardrobe somewhere. Or is it time to hit the shops, and maybe if you ask nicely, Mr Father Christmas might bring you something nice.


Going back to training……                                                                                                   Personally, the aim for next year is a PB in Ironman70.3 distance. Whether it’s in an Ironman event or not is a different matter. I have two objectives this winter. Firstly, Swim, swim, swim … many Miles to get that crawl near perfection, by swimming three or four times a week. Secondly, concentrate on leg Strength for the run, by also competing in cross country events. And of course suffer in many Core workouts.


I’m actually looking forward to winter training, especially for those 6am run in the cold frosty air, and hopefully snow. Those morning training sessions are so rewarding, confirming the dedication and determination I have.

So bring it on! Let’s get stronger and faster!

What are your training objectives this winter? And are you registered for any events?


10 thoughts on “Ready for winter training?

  1. Thanks Stephanie. I’m taking my time for the Ironman. I could do it now and finish half dead and with a slow time. But I want to do it in a good time and enjoy it, just like I enjoyed the 70.3 in June as it was my second one and knew what to expect.
    Loving triathlons and running and therefore enjoying every second of it.
    Cheers. Guillaume


  2. I’m trying not to dread winter as in the past. My joints do not do well in extreme cold, but I agree that there is something exhilarating about those cold morning runs! Keep on keeping in toward that Iron Man!

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  3. Sadly not – moved back to London a few weeks ago! Had some trials in the weeks leading up to the 70.3 with illness and a car driving into me on my bike (sounds more dramatic than it was!) but I still managed to finish. The long enforced taper has made me v enthusiastic for winter training though!

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  4. Hey! I need to catch up with your blog. I didn’t know you did a 70.3! Good work! Did mine in June but still haven’t written a post on it, oops!
    Good luck with your training. Are you still in Spain?

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  5. Ahhh this reminded me of some wonderful marathon training runs I did last winter in the freezing cold – great once I worked out exactly what I needed to wear! I just finished my last race of this season (first half ironman) and am thinking about next year… Am going to spend the next month fully concentrating on core strength and swimming before I get back to the winter running!

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