10h to race time!

Yes folks, 10h to race time! I have kept training since ironman70.3 but not raced and tomorrow is the time to compete in a short road running race (5 Miles)

This race is new and will take place at Hampshire cricket, with the finishing line on the Agea Bowl pitch. The weather is supposed to be great and I will be joining 649 other runners for what is looking to be an awesome morning.

I’m not looking for a PB as I have found my body is waiting for a long break before winter training starts, so I’m aiming for a nice decent pace, and most of all to enjoy it.

Off to bed now. Have a good Sunday everyone and good luck if you’re racing too!


6 thoughts on “10h to race time!

  1. Nice, wow well done! Love it when it turns out better than expected. It indeed is a funny old game. 🙂

    Have got some good training runs in. Half marathon next Saturday, that will be my longest run until the marathon I think. Maybe if I don’t think I’ll do well, I will end up doing GREAT,,,haha! Thanks for the reminder of tapering! 🙂


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  2. Cheers Carl. Hoep you’re OK for the marathon. I’m sure you’ve done all the training for it. Don’t forget to Taper! 😁
    I had great race today and got PB. Actually felt great …. Funny old game !
    Cheers bud

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  3. Always interesting how the body tells us it is time for a break. I was hoping to peak for a marathon 3 weeks from today. A trail race I did a month ago went very well. Almost seemed like that was my peak, and now my body is telling me take a break (even though there is this marathon coming up..haha)
    I can identify the feeling of it may not be a PB for you. Do have fun though! 🙂

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