Excitement V nerves

Excitement is a noun meaning: a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness


Nerves or nervousness means: feeling like po***g (still too rude to write the full word😁) myself!


This is an understatement of how I currently feel racing ironman70.3 on Sunday! Yep, you’ve read it right! In 4 days time, at 7:30am, race number 838 will be diving in cold waters of Staffordshire UK fighting his way past bodies (other swimmers! Just in case you’re wondering!) for the right to earn an ironman70.3 medal.

I have always wanted to enter an ironman event, and right now I feel like a kid at Christmas! Training has gone well, I have a niggle in my right knee but I’m ready to hit the course, enjoy my own race, enjoy the ironman experience and get that medal around my neck. Oh! And I have also been thinking about the finishing line photograph where I need to remember to celebrate and smile rather than look like death! He he

So folks, if you’re feeling bored Sunday morning, please think of me. You can also track me during the race on ironman.com using my race number 838.

Thanks for all the support and see you on the over side where I’ll write about the event.

Take care


15 thoughts on “Excitement V nerves

  1. You will do fine. Remember photographers when coming out of the water (I take my cap and goggles off as soon as I can stand up and start looking for the photographers).. They are more likely near bike in/out, and try to time crossing the line so you are not in a crowd. I will be checking on your progress this weekend. Have a great race!


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