The race is near!


Ironman70.3 Staffordshire UK is very near! On the 14th June 2015, I will indeed be swimming 1.2miles, cycle 56miles and casually (he says!) run 13.1miles.

I haven’t been blogging for a while for various reasons but all this excitement is bringing me back to writing! I will soon write about training and events that I have completed in the last 2 months but for now I wanted to share the ironman70.3 Athlete guide we received today from Ironman Europe (including some very odd rules!). Please have a read! Now I need to lower my heart rate!

Take care folks!



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  1. I am not doing this race now what with the move and all but I am coming to support some friends so maybe I will see you there. If you have any queries about the rules give me a shout. I have done a couple of IM events now so am pretty familiar with them 🙂 Good luck

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