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Nice information received regarding Ironman70.3 Staffordshire. Ironman events entry fees do empty your wallet but the organization and support is pretty amazing! Below is the information received, the event feed station info. Stations every 10miles on the bike leg and every 2miles during the run leg. That’s awesome. The local 70.3 I competed in 2 years ago had no feed, let alone drink stations during the bike leg, and guess what? I suffered from it not being used to that distance.

That’s says it all, Ironman does what it says on the tin!



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  1. Ironman is a well oiled machine. I have not done anything other then Ironman at this distance, but short local triathlons are a disorganized mess compared to IM. Side note, make sure you train with the nutrition available on course. Powerbar drinks were supplied in North America under the brand “Ironman Perform”. Nobody liked the stuff (I have never read a favorable report). Many could tolerate it, and many could not (I needed to bring my own sports drink and carry it). Perform has been ditched in NA and replaced for 2015 with gatorade endurance, which I can tolerate much better…

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