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What has been happening in my small training world since my last post more than a month ago!

25th January 2015, my first race of the year, Romsey 5miles road race! Very exciting as I had been waiting and looking forward to this event. A nice road/off road race on a cold winter day in a historic country Estate. So what was my time? A PB? Did I actually win my first running race? HELL NO! The week before the race, I felt a niggle on my right knee Collateral Ligament which stopped me running or do any training whatsoever. I didn’t tear it but the niggle or small pain was enough for my body to send me an injury warning! This is when rule number one comes in: “Listen to your body”. So I did, didn’t train all week, no swimming, no turbo session and of course, no running. And yes I did miss it, and wanted to get out there but prevention comes first. I nearly competed in the Romsey 5Miles race but I am now glad I didn’t as I would now most probably be still recovering from a full injury.


So I left it for another week but used the usual training time for stretching sessions and studied my Ironman70.3 training plan. It was a good opportunity to make changes to the plan accordingly after completing the first 2 weeks of it beginning of January.

Having been off for two weeks or so, I used the first two weeks of February to get back on track with my fitness but slowly to make sure my knee had recovered. Having said that I still managed to run, swim, do a couple of turbo sessions and while I’m at it, threw in some Strength sessions. POW! IT FELT GOOD!

Training wise, the last two weeks have been the best. Back in full swing and using my updated training plan, ready to conquer Staffordshire Ironman70.3 in June. Below was my first week of the plan, to be increased by 10% weekly, for three weeks before going through recovery week:

Monday: Rest day                                                                                                        Tuesday: Bike 40 minutes moderate with 4 x 30-second sprints scattered Wednesday: Swim 800 yards total. Main set: 8 x 25 yards, rest interval (RI) = 20 seconds. | Run 4 miles moderate + 2 x 10-second hill sprints.                   Thursday: Bike 40 minutes moderate.                                                                 Friday: Swim 800 yards total. Main set: 3 x 100 yards race pace, RI = 15 seconds. | Run 4 miles moderate.                                                                                      Saturday: Bike 20 miles moderate.                                                                      Sunday: Run 6 miles moderate.

After two weeks using the above, I can tell it will work improve my all round Triathlon fitness, experience, technical abilities and most importantly get me ready mentally. But most of all, I am feeling great and really enjoying training 6days a week, which funnily enough isn’t affecting my day to day life as I make sure training is based around family life. And it works so far but I have to apologies to my wife for the extra washing!

dirty_laundry__medium_4x3All in all, training is now going well but I’m still looking for my first bling of the year! This is why I love social media, with everyone sharing their latest training results, their latest achievements, sharing the beautiful landscape with pictures that make you not jealous AT ALL! and of course their race results, with pictures of the medal. We all love a bit of race bling! And why not! Medals are proofs (unless you use someone else’s for the photograph, but that would be silly!) that you have completed the event, proofs you will show off, whether it’s on social media, at work and finally at home, hung perfectly on a wall where everyone can see. There are also a great reminder and memory to ourselves for completing that particular race.

Anyway, after the excitement of talking medals, I am still not decided where to race next. I am looking for a race up to half Marathon distance in the next month or so and was really annoyed to find out tonight, through Twitter followers, that today was the Portsmouth half. And yes, you have guessed it, they all showed off their medals/bling! I say no more, except a very well done for racing in outrageous conditions. #wishihadbeenthere !

So training is going well, although fighting the elements daily, sometimes thinking I should be in a remake of Mary Poppins! but still looking for my first race. Obviously not looking hard enough.

Triathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists and everyone else, keep training hard! It will soon pay off!


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  1. Great post. You were wise to listen to your body – it’s better to have a week off now than a couple of months off further down the line.

    You’re also right about the laundry – I’m sure that none of the other sports I’ve participated in has ever caused me to create so much dirty clothing!!!

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  2. Always important to listen to your body. I develloped some ankle discomfort on a 15 miler and tried to push thru it. I bailed at mile 12 and was sidelined for 4 months (and had lingering problems that entire year…could not unclip from my bike pedals and had to use cages for three 70.3’s).

    It isn’t hard to balence home life with 70.3 training. There may need to be a bit of planning for the longest bike or brick workouts. When you get to 140.6 training, that changes. I have no kids and an understanding/supportive spouse. It was the most selfish thing I ever did. Glad I did it, but never again. My dogs would growl at me like I was a stranger. Do not underestimate the sacrifices that others are making for you, and make sure they are willing to participate in your journey…


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