Race-day nutrition

Good example of race nutrition strategy. What is yours? Mine pretty much depends on the race and whether pre race preparation has gone to plan.


Good afternoon fellow 2-Oceanians,

Today I read an article in the runners world (article found here) on the runny tummy, runners trots and numerous hilarious synonyms.  However, we have all had this troublesome running side effect either during a tempo run, long club run, race or that infamous sprint to arrive in time.  Yes it is all fun and games until it happens to you and it is your brand new running peak  that you must throwaway (a true story that happened to someone I know).  This made me think about my experience with the runny tummy and my only problem seems to be with afternoon sessions due to a late lunch or over indulging with the cure being very simple…


That also means that I am doing something MY BODY likes pre-race and I thought I will write something on what I do for race-day nutrition.  I would…

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