IronmanUK 70.3 training weeks 1 & 2

So here I am, starting full training for Ironman70.3 Staffordshire in June. My total training results for the last two weeks are:

Run: 3.5h – Turbo: 2.5h – swim: 1h – Strength workout: 30mins = 7.5h

Not a bad start to begin with as I am still trying to get in a rythm and organize myself to train at the right time, as I’m still finding it hard to train before work, early mornings. The weather hasn’t and doesn’t help but passion, determination and the will to train is there, so I’ll get there. I just cannot wait to wake up early mornings, sun out, temperature rising, and get out there in shorts and t-shirts to train on dry land! Anyway, let’s stop thinking about it and be strong!

Looking back at the last two weeks of training, the most enjoyable session has been the swim. It was my first time at the pool for weeks and I really enjoyed it, pacing all the way for an 1h. My general fitness level back to where it should be, I just kept going, or should I say “just keep swimming .…..” Sorry!

images (4)

The hardest was the track session. Again, first track workout for a long time. After a nice warm up session, I went through 8 x 200m. One at good easy pace followed by fast, 80% MHR with walking in between, back to the 200m start and so on. 2minutes break after 4. It felt really good to be on the track and therefore once warmed down, I did some lunges and knees up over 20m x 3 each. And I felt them the next day alright! But it was all worth it.

Track (1)

What next:

Workout on my running pace. For some reason, in the last couple of months, I have been using speed versus time rather than pace. Very odd as I’ve always been thing about pacing myself, ignoring others and doing my own race. But now, I’m doing it in training. I need to concentrate on that for running. For Turbo sessions, I have really enjoyed them and just need to follow the plan. Again, difficult in this current weather to seat on the turbo in the shed but this is where determination takes over and wins the battle! DAM IT! That felt good!

I know I need to do more Strengh work and again that will come along. I’m exciting about the swim as I’m soon to have private one to one sessions with a local coach to improve my crawl. To be honest, my crawl is awful and needs a lot of improvements.

Apart from that, life is good at the moment folks and iam competing in Romsey’s 10k road race this Sunday for my first event of 2015. Keep training hard everyone and take care!