Trail run – Thank God Christmas is over!

After spending the last few weeks getting back to a decent level of fitness, I now feel ready physically and mentally to properly start my ironman 70.3 training plan. With the festivities in the way, I still managed to go out in all weather for a few runs, some easy and some tough ones, due to an overload of constant food and ….. Drinks.


A few nice runs around Southampton common, early mornings, afternoons and evenings. And why not?! Anytime will do.

The week before Christmas, I went for a road and trail run for 1h40 which was my first long run for a few weeks. Felt really good as I ran in a nice steady pace. As we know, pace is everything, it will determined how you will feel during the run and will determined the result of your run. The weather was cold, damp, muddy off road but with the right gear on, it was a very enjoyable run. Equipment wise, I also wore my water rucksack which helped, funnily enough! fight against dehydration and made the run easier, although the sound of water bobbing along is frustrating. It is for me anyway!

After much food and drinks over Christmas, I decided to race at Southampton park run on the 27th December. 5k run with 400 other enthusiastic runners who managed to get up early enough for 9am start with a stomach full of turkey, potatoes and Christmas pudding! What happened next …… As soon as the gun, or should I say whistle went off I could feel I had left my legs at home!, under the Christmas dinner table. I knew it was not going to be a PB! After 2k, I also managed to get a painful stitch, brilliant! and then sadly decided to stop! Got home grumpy …….. Enough said!

After hearing that Southampton park run added a race to the calendar, on New Years day, that was it! I was on a mission to get my self pride back on the road. For that reason, I decided not to drink on New Years eve. Yes, you read it right, I decided not to drink, therefore driving to and back from our friends house, to the delight of my wife. We had a great evening, great dinner, fireworks and the soft drinks tasted good too! After a short sleep, as we got home at about 1am, and I had to get up for park run, I was ready! ready with vengeance against Christmas and all it’s glorious food. The road to get back on track started right then!

The race……. 350 runners, half of them hungover or still drunk were at the starting line, in freezing conditions including strong wind. My head was clear but knackered. My legs felt OK but were still finding it hard to leave the Christmas dinner table. Off we went, first running against the wind before going up the first hill ( not a big incline at all but the legs felt it). I felt good, running at a decent, relaxing pace but holding back. All I wanted to achieve that day was finishing the race feeling strong and not in pain, regardless of my finishing time. I did that perfectly and still managed to sprint the last 200m to win a one on one battle with another runner! YES! That felt good! My time of 25″30′ was slow but wasn’t a target that day.


In between those runs mentioned above, I have also managed 2h on the Turbo trainer and some Strengh sessions, including Core and Legs workout.

I have rested my body during the last 3days, just because I can but today went for a trail run which again was very muddy and hilly. But to my delight, was great fun. I spend over 1h in a local wood and didn’t see anyone about! So I managed to get the camera out a couple of times to share with you the great outdoors I have at my doorstep.


So for the last 2 weeks, my training stats looks like this:

Running: 5h – Turbo workout: 2h – Strengh workout: 1h

Happy with that! Now Ironman70.3 training plan starts next week, looking at 8h per week for the first 3 weeks. BRING IT ON!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and I will update you with my training in 2 weeks!


Take care – Guillaume


3 thoughts on “Trail run – Thank God Christmas is over!

  1. Cool! Is there a specific IM you are targeting in 2017? I didn’t see it on your blog. Good luck and enjoy the ride. It really is all about the journey (but the destination is pretty cool too!)

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  2. Thanks. I appreciate it. And yes I cannot wait for race day. Full Ironman in 2017!


  3. Sounds like you are well on your way to completing an Ironman 70.3. These are wonderful events and I am certain that you will enjoy the journey and race day will be a whirlwind of emotions that you will have the rest of your life. I look forward to following your journey!

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