Extreme Marathon

A lot of you reading this have the desire or have already completed a Marathon, right? And we’ve all been through a long hot or very cold run, right? Of course we all have I hear you say.

Now, why not try this event ?  This has to be one of the most extreme race around, cold to say the least, hard physically and extremely hard mentally. This event is the Antarctic Ice Marathon or if you want to have more fun, meaning you are mad, there is also a 100km race!

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So, as it’s Christmas in 2 weeks, I feel it’s a good idea to share this exciting race. Enter it at your own risk, if you can afford the entry fee that is! Click on link for race website www.icemarathon.com

If you have competed in this event or know someone who has, please comment on this post. It would be interested to hear your story. Thanks


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