My top 5 long distance Triathlons

Have you ever thought of your top 5 events you would one day love to compete in? I’m sure you all have. Whether they are events you know you will race or whether they are dream events. But it’s good to have dreams, it’s what keeps us going, keeps us motivated and makes us train harder through those cold, dark winters to complete great achievements. The great Jesse Owens once said, and I quote:

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.”

He is right, and we all know that. That quote might be common sense but those four words, determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort are what we try to achieve on a daily basis. So, without further a do, here are my top 5, in no particular order:

Norseman Xtreme Triathlon (Norway)

This Triathlon is located in the beautiful Norwegian landscape and one of the toughtest long distance Triathlon. Why? The race information from the event website says it all!


” All the information you will need to participate is available at this section. Please read the “Race Manual” thoroughly before you decide to do the race. We don’t want you to be disappointed because of wrong expectations. The race is different from all other races. It is harder than any other long-distance race. It demands more of you, amongst other things because you need your own support to participate.

If you do the race, you will probably tell your friends afterwards that Norseman was more beautiful, demanding, personal, camaraderie, frightening, and to reach the finish line was a greater victory and joy than any other race you have ever done. You will probably tell your friends that everybody should do the race once in their lifetime.If, on the other hand, a friend told you this story, then it is time to warn you. During the Norseman, you will probably be cold, you will hate the hills, sometimes you will feel lonely and you will probably experience being unusually emotional during the weekend.

Please do not decide to do the race before you have read the race manual!”

Nuff said!

ironman World Championships (Kona, Hawaii)

We all know Kona World Championships. The race we all want to compete in. The holy grail of all ironman events. For more information, click on the link above, in blue.

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Ironman wales (UK)

One of the most iconic ironman event in the world. Set in Tenby, South Wales, this race can be physically and mentally very demanding with it’s rough open water sea swim and hilly bike and run course. Not one for PB! Below are some pictures from this wonderful event.




City to Summit Triathlon (UK)

This race is incredible. Starting in the icy cold northern sea, followed by a “normal” bike leg and to finish it off, a Marathon all the way up Ben Nevis, England’s highest mountain, with over 5000m of climbing! Click on 2013 race report for this facinating inaugural race report.

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 Challenge Roth (Roth, Germany)

Probably the most popular 140.6 distance event on the circuit. The race has been held since 1990 on the Ironman distance. It has been held independently from WTC since 2002. The number of participants is around 3500 individuals and 650 relay teams, limited by crowding. Both Ironman distance World records for men and women have been set in Roth. Both in 2011, by Chrissie Wellington in 8h18m13s and by Andreas Raelert in 7h41m33s.

Annually, the town shuts down for a big Triathlon celebration, with around       220 000 spectators watching the race around the course. Set in beautiful surroundings, this race has the best bike course around, with crowds lining up along the course to give full support to all competitors.

Check the website using the link, in blue, and below are some photograph’s showing the madness of this race. Absolutely amazing! Check out the finish line arena!

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Now I’ve mentioned my top 5, it would probably be appropriate to confirm which one I would/will do first. And the answer has to be Challenge Roth, simply for the full emotional experience it offers.

Next post coming up soon, my top five running events.