My new toy

Today, I have received in the post, well, delivered to one of our neighbours as we were out wall climbing with the kids. Don’t worry, it’s an indoor climbing centre not Mont Blanc!

So, what is my new toy? A new Garmin state of the art watch? Nop. New weights? Nop. Any other running gear? Nop. A new bike? Nop. It’s my first super duper indoor bike trainer. Yes sir! OK, it’s not a new toy as such, not a gadget but nevertheless I’ve never had a bike trainer before. Why do I need one? I want to train hard over the winter to take my Triathlon results to another level, which include IronmanUK 70.3 in June next year and to do so, I need to get on the bike more often that I have done previous winters. Unfortunately, while leaving in the UK, winters can be cold but most importantly the days are short and dark making it difficult and dangerous to go out cycling. Now that I have “my new toy”, I can train harder with more bike interval and brick sessions. OUCH!


I fitted the bike trainer in record time, 10mins! and I have neatly placed it in the what I call Sport Shed. This shed is now ready for some painful, sweaty, hardcore training that is going to help me become even more insane and dedicated to Triathlon training. It’s also the beginning of a beautiful relationship between a currently lonely and cold wooden outbuilding and I. 🎻🎶

So this is it! I now have all the equipment and gear I require to start my long winter training towards a great 2015 year of events.