Sunday morning run

 Saturday evening, I was determined to go for a long run early Sunday morning, yesterday.

 Now, as my Triathlon season has finished for this year, my training diary is more relaxed, or should I dare say I don’t follow one at present ! DISGRACEFUL !? I say whatever ! I have really enjoyed training and competing in Sprint Triathlons and Aquathlons this year but now the season is over, it’s time for my 40 year old body to take it easy, recover and recharge before I hit winter training hard for ironmanUK 70.3 in June 2015 . All being well, I am still and will be training lightly until then. As we all have learnt from experience, going back to training after stopping completely is hard work physically and mentally ! So I went for a run yesterday …..

Well, I didn’t go as early as I thought I would. Alarm went off at 8am, switched it off quickly before waking up Louise, only for our youngest to come in our room at the same time. Well done Eloise! Now I can’t take the blame for waking mum up ! After relaxing a bit, agreeing with the girls that I would take them swimming before lunchtime, it was time for me to go on that run.


As I decided to go for a long run, for 1h30 or so ( long for me as I’ve only concentrated on Sprints events this year), I thought to be wise to take my water bag with me, which can contain up to 1 litre of water, or something stronger if you prefer, but it is not recommended. So off I went, water bag on the shoulders, sunglasses on, calves sleeves on, all needed for this long run in hot sunny EnglandUK.

20140907_105317I had a great run, really enjoyed every moment of it, ran in a very relaxed 70% pace. Took a 5mins break half way through to relax the legs and have a good drink before getting back on my feet to finish off this great run. Got back home after 1h25mins, with my HRM watch telling me I had lost 1300 calories and most importantly, or not, 29 grams of fat !!!!! Apart from my legs feeling heavy at the end, I was very pleased to feel physically in good shape and was ready to take the girls to Red Lodge swimming pool ! BRING IT ON !

Current time, 00:21am, alarm on for 5:40am for a short run and hill work before work. I did tell you I am now taking it easy with training !!!! 😉


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