ironman70.3 Staffordshire UK 2015

Back a few months, I was all geared up to apply for ironmanUK 2015 in bolton. Then summer came and realising how much the weekend would cost and how much training I would need to commit myself to, I put ironmanUK to one side for now……. postponed!

Nothing wrong with the above. But I’ve got to say that the World Triathlon Corporation ironman events do not come cheap! £450 + 3 nights in a hotel ( for registration morning, event and post event) for 2 bedrooms ( family of five), I was looking at £1000! Nice. Thank you WTC but for another day. Training was something I also thought about seriously. Training for an ironman is serious business, it takes many hours for many months prior to the event to get your body and fitness to be ready.

Now came the news this summer that a new ironman70.3 was going to be held in Staffordshire UK, adding to the already popular ironman70.3 in Exmoor UK.

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Talking to Louise ( my wife and number 1 fan!) about it and thinking of training, expenses and time, we decided to go for it. I completed without ease, the New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon in 2013 and another 70.3 event wouldn’t harm my quest for the full ironman, or 140.6 event. I was and still am even more excited that the Staffordshire event is a WTC event. Yes I know, I moaned earlier about their entry fees, but this is a lot easier all round.

I preregistered in July, which meant the WTC email your entry link the day before, to get excited and not sleep that night! ready for the 1pm registration bonanza on the 26th August 2014! So………….. on that day, myself and the family decided to have a day out in Bath UK, to visit the Roman baths, have a nice lunch and do a bit of shopping, I knew places for the event would go very quickly, so I decided, or had to take my Lenovo tablet with me to make sure I could register at 1pm on the dot. Sitting nicely for a family lunch on a lovely family day out, I started to get nervous as 1pm was near. Food arrived at the table, but most importantly, it was 1pm, it was time to register for ironman70.3 UK 2015. Tablet out, opening my WTC email for the link, kids telling me my lunch will get cold, internet slowing down! What’s going on here!? All I want to do is register for a “simple” Triathlon!                                                                            Now I’m in. But questions after questions in the registration form, I started to panick. Will I finish in time ?! Kids telling me my lunch is now probably cold. COME ON Guillaume, just a few more questions…. done ! Now patiently waiting for the email from the WTC confirming my entry.

Email received !!!!! I am officially competing in the 2015 ironman70.3 UK. And so pleased I applied during lunch as the event sold out in exactly 14 minutes! Incredible! See you then !

And by the way, my lunch was still warm 😉