Why the ironman ? What is the ironman ?

Why not ?! is probably the quick and short answer. Friends, family and colleges, who are friends too ! tell me I am mad, crazy and ask why suffer the pain of competing in an Ironman triathlon. Getting to think about it, it is a very good question.

The ironman triathlon distances being a 2.4 miles swim (3.86 km), 112 miles bike ride (180.25 km) and a marathon,  26.2 miles run (42.2 km), is considered as one of the toughest sporting events in the world. Easy then ! Its name alone is so famous in the world of triathlon that many ironman finishers have the M dote ( shown below in red) tattooed. And so will I !!!!


This event is in my ultimate sporting target and I name it The holy grail of all triathlons. And if you know someone who competes in triathlons telling you otherwise, they are lying. 🙂

This ambition started 4 years ago when having always been involved and interested in sports and keeping fit, I suddenly found myself signed up for the VirginLondon Triathlon 2011. Little did I know that a week before Christmas 2010, I fractured my leg while sledging in the snow. I was off walking for 4 months and didn’t start running until October 2011. From then on, I was more determined to get into training for my first ever triathlon ………..



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